New Year’s Greetings 2023 新年の御挨拶

New Year’s Greetings 2023 新年の御挨拶

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一昨年前に、住宅建築系のメーカーの人事研修の講師としてお声掛け頂き、人の体験デザイン(UX:User Experience Design)を通して、課題解決から潜在的なニーズ抽出などを数ヶ月かけて行う研修を任されました。この「体験デザイン思考から学ぶ価値創造と課題発見解決力」 研修(または3X研修)も、研修先の方々からの様々なフィードバックなどを受け、だいぶ完成度も上がってきたと自負しております。ご興味ある方はぜひお声掛けください(別途、本研修については詳細ページ作成予定です)。






ネオマデザイン株式会社代表取締役社長 河野 道成

(in English)Happy New Year.

We are grateful for the opportunity to have worked with people from a variety of industries, services last year.

The year before last, we have begun training for a residential construction company and we have created a training course that provides participants with the ability to solve problems and identify potential needs through UX (User Experience Design) over a period of several months. We are proud to say that the “Value Creation and Problem Solving Skills through Experience Design Thinking” training course (or 3X training course) has become much more complete as a result of various feedbacks from the participants. If you are interested, please contact us (we are planning to create a separate detailed page for this training).

This year 2023, while focusing on education and training, we also intend to provide more R&D support based on our knowledge of experience design (BXCXUX: Experience Design).

Although some people are pessimistic about the lack of strength of Japanese companies these days, I feel that there are still many interesting researches, wonderful technologies, and ideas in Japanese companies… However, these techs and researchs are just gemstones in the rough, and it is very important to polish them like diamonds and give them the shape they deserve, creating use cases, conducting applied research and new business development. This is what we, Neoma Design,  do best, so please contact us. We look forward to working with many R&D professionals and business developers this year.

Neoma Design’s vision message includes the sentence, “Instead of people being used by artificial intelligence and IT technology, we want to revalue the human sense of sensitivity and aesthetics.

We believe this vision and create new/interesting experiences that are good for people, society, and the earth.

Thank you for your continuous business with us.May the New Year bring us more wonderful opportunities to work together.

Best Regards,
Michinari -michi- Kohno / Neoma Design

Michinari Kohno

Neoma Design CEO, New Business Coordinator, Beyond UX Creator, UI/UX Designer