Spectrum Tokyo 寄稿のご紹介 | Introduction of Contributions to Spectrum Tokyo

Spectrum Tokyo 寄稿のご紹介 | Introduction of Contributions to Spectrum Tokyo

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私、弊社表取締役の河野道成Spectrum Tokyo に寄稿しているコラム記事について紹介いたします。

Spectrum Tokyo は、デザインの多様性をテーマにしたウェブマガジンです。デジタルなものづくりにおけるデザインの捉え方を拡張し、複雑化する課題をクリエイティブに解決する人を増やすのがミッションとしており、その運営をされている方々の考え方とミッションに共感し、コラムを寄稿しています。


よくあるUXデザインの話ではなく私ならではの視点で記事を書いています。例えば、体験デザインは、顧客(CX: Customer Experience) やユーザー(UX:User Experience) だけでなく社会(Social Experience) など様々な視点で捉えていきます。特にあまり聞きなれない空間体験デザイン視点のコラムもあります。




I would like to introduce a column article contributed to Spectrum Tokyo by myself, Michinari Kohno as CEO.

Spectrum Tokyo is a design magazine seeking for more diverse conversations in design. Its mission is to broaden the sense of design, so that more people can better design complex problems we face today. I resonates with the philosophy and mission of the individuals running it, and that’s why I contribute my columns.

The theme of my column is “Technology and Experience Design”.

Rather than the common discussions around UX design, I write from my unique perspective. For example, I consider experience design not only from the perspectives of the customer (CX: Customer Experience) and user (UX: User Experience) but also from societal (Social Experience) and other various viewpoints. There are even columns from the less commonly discussed perspective of spatial experience design.

Having spent many years in the R&D department of SONY and SIE(SCE) I also incorporate technology that creates experiences from the viewpoint of engineers and researchers, including IT. My columns on voice UIUX are a prime example of this. Below is a list of articles I have contributed; if you’re interested, please take a look. Other columns are also very readable and interesting, offering unique perspectives from experts across different industries. I highly recommend giving them a read.

SPECTRUM TOKYO List of michi’s Contributions

Michinari Kohno

Neoma Design CEO, New Business Coordinator, Beyond UX Creator, UI/UX Designer